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How to Apply for a Credit Card in India

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The concept of credit cards is alien to none, and all of you must be fascinated with the advantages. this, when coupled with the rewards and cashback that a credit card brings along, is ample reason for people to be interested in procuring it. you will be interested to know that the process to apply for credit card is very simple in India.

You may have various questions like which are the best credit cards, how can credit card balance transfers save you money, but one of the first questions is, how to even apply for a credit card.

The basic structure of the application process remains the same irrespective of the bank in question. In this article, we will throw lights on things that you need to keep in mind while applying for a credit card.

1. Understanding the type of credit card that you need

The world of credit card is a diverse one, and you need to pick a card based on your lifestyle. for example, if you travel frequently, a ‘travel credit card’ will give you special discounts on your flight or hotel bookings and access to airport lounges. With an ‘entertainment credit card’, you will get offers on movie tickets while business owners stand to benefit from ‘business credit cards’ that come with the option of advance credit.

For those with well-organized personal finance and minimum debt, lifetime free credit card has many benefits as they come with no annual fees. If you are fond of shopping and keen on exclusive cashback and reward, then there will be a host of shopping credit cards for you to choose from. with such diverse options, the first step in procuring a credit card is to be sure of the card that you want.

2. Ensuring that you fulfil the eligibility criteria before you apply for credit card

These days, procuring a credit card is easier than ever before, and most banks offer lucrative offers for attracting new credit card users. You need to make sure that you fulfill the age and income criteria before applying for a credit card. Most Indian banks issue credit cards to people in the age group of 21 to 65 years.

You should have a steady income to be eligible for such a card based on your income slab you will be eligible for different credit cards with varied features. It is not mandatory for you to be salaried, and most banks encourage the use of credit cards among self-employed people. Certain banks also offer credit cards against the fixed deposits that you may have.

There is also the provision of an add-on credit card that may be linked to the credit card of a family member. in such a case, the add-on cardholder does not need to be of 21 years of age or have a steady income. Being an Indian resident or NRI of 18 years of age will suffice.

3. Have the documents ready

After confirming that you are eligible for a credit card, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary documents before you apply for a credit card.

An income proof in the form of IT returns;


Bank account statements

These documents will be needed for every credit card applicant. voter identity card, driving license, and pension book are some of the documents you can use as identity proof.

For address proof, driving license, ration card, or passport should suffice. along with this, you may need a passport size and a copy of your PAN card. Understand that in all cases, you may not need address and identity proof, passport size photograph, and PAN card. This will be different from bank to bank and on whether you have KYC submitted to the bank with your savings account.

Filling in the application

Once you have decided on the card that you want and ensured that you have the required documents, the next step will be deciding on the bank. Most major Indian banks allow you to apply for a credit card even if you do not already have an account with the bank.

The official website of the bank will have a ‘credit cards’ section. Existing customers can log in there with their net banking credentials and directly apply for the credit card of their choice.

For new customers, on clicking on the ‘credit cards’ page, most banks prompt for personal contact details. Upon entering those, a bank representative will get in touch with the customer for KYC submission and assistance on the process of credit card application.

Irrespective of whether you are applying for a credit card in a bank where you have your savings account or are applying to a new bank, you can always walk up to the nearest branch if you do not want to apply for a credit card online and since you live in the digital era, you can also make credit card bill payments online. There are various types of credit cards like travel credit cards, student credit cards, etc.

4. choose your mode of credit card bill payment

As you apply for a credit card, you need to identify the mode of credit card bill payment that is the most convenient for you. For those preferring the traditional way, most banks allow customers to walk up to their nearest branch and make their credit card payment in cash. in such a situation, you can expect a small processing fee for the same.

For cheque payment, you can mention your credit card number in the cheque and put it in any of the drop boxes found in the ATM. Such cheques are cleared within three business days and you need to ensure that you make the cheque payment at least three days before the due date.

Most lenders also allow you to make the credit card payment through the NEFT facility of any bank.

Here, the credit card details are entered digitally in the payee account number column, and payment is made like any other online NEFT payment. the advantage of this mode is that the payment is immediately credited on a working day and payments made after working hours are credited on the next business day. Having clarity on the mode of credit card bill payment while applying for the card will help make things easier for you.

Thus, you see that the process of applying for a credit card is simple, and if you have your papers in order, the clearance is prompt. Understand that most banks are keen to have a greater number of credit card users, and they will go out of the way to make things comfortable for you. as you prepare all the required documents and embark on the journey of credit card usage, here’s wishing you a responsible spending journey ahead.

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